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Writing by Becky

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B Fit Health and Fitness Blog


So here I am, with a new blog on being Fit & Healthy …

Why? Well, because I want to. So I shall.

Okay, so mainly because I don’t profess to know anything about the health and fitness industry, but I have found a real love for exercise and clean eating. I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs on the same subject, so I thought, why not start my own?

So why not read and follow my B-Fit blog and join me on the journey?

Looking for more inspiration? Here is a list of health and fitness websites or pages I like to follow: 

FloJo Fit: My amazing friend, Beachbody coach and certified Country Heat instructor. She’s incredible!

Beachbody: The place where it all started for me. Their programs are quick, easy to follow, and logical. If you want any advice on which one to choose, please ask!

Sweet Results Fitness: For those living in my local area, Sweet Results are a fantastic company running a range of affordable, fun, and friendly classes. New members can use North Somerset Go 4 Free vouchers, too! As well as the website, Sweet Results has a Facebook page and Twitter.

Jimmie Brenton: A Beachbody coach who is, frankly, hilarious. He’s also in the 22 Minute Hard Corps DVD. As well as an interesting blog, Jimmie often posts funny videos on Instagram. Well worth a follow.

Hydrate M8: If you’re having trouble remembering to stay hydrated, this is the site for you! They produce great motivational water bottles with timings on the side so you don’t forget to drink! (You can’t fill them with gin, though. You’ll fall over.)

Pop Sugar Fitness: I follow them on Facebook and they always post great little workouts, interesting articles and fabulous recipes.

If anyone else has any suggestions of sites to follow, please let me know! Likewise, if you’re a company wanting me to try your product and blog about it in return, get in touch. I can be easily bought 🙂