I don’t find fitness easy. I do enjoy it, when I get going, but I don’t enjoy the thought of it beforehand.

Right now, I’m following Beachbody’s Body Beast programme. This is not so that I can look like the Hulk (green is not my colour), more so I can carve out a bit of muscle definition and improve my core strength. My back has been suffering and it’s greatly improved with six strength training workouts per week. ┬áThe problem is, Body Beast is more or less all strength training. There is cardio, once a week, but for someone who wants to keep their general fitness up, like me, you need something more.

That means extra dedication, extra workouts, and lots of tired, sore, and aching muscles. I’m aiming for three lots of additional cardio per week, which basically amounts to running after I’ve taken the kids to school. Last week, I ditched the running in favour of taking part in Shaun Week on Beachbody and I regret nothing. The workouts were fun, intense, and hugely beneficial, but following on from a 50 minute Body Beast workout each day, they were tough. I still enjoyed them.

When the alarm goes off at 5:45, though, I feel differently about working out. It usually involves curse words, followed by 15 minutes of wondering what would happen if I ┬ádidn’t work out today. Who would know?

I would know, is the answer, and in turn, I would tell my online accountability group, because I would feel too guilty. Anyway, I feel better once I’m up and out. After Beast Shoulders (ouch), I made myself go for a run today, even though all I really wanted to do was to eat Nutella from the jar with a spoon. But I have a goal, you see. A purpose.

This is my sister (left). She’s beautiful even when she is pulling a goofy face. It’s hard to find a sensible picture of us. In fact, there are none.

My sister is getting married in 49 days, and I am bridesmaid.

This is my goal. I want her day to be perfect, from beginning to end, and that involves me needing to feel good about how I look so that I can focus solely on her. She is my goal. She is the reason I came home from taking the kids to school today, turned right back around, and then came back 40 minutes later looking like this:

Love is quite the motivator, I find.