You can hold your life up.



That’s what Shaun T. told me this morning, anyhow, and he made me cry.

This week has been truly awful. The reality of my situation is that life has been horrible for quite some time now; one thing after another, after another. Events or things that have happened that on their own would be hard enough to deal with, but all on the back of one another, it makes life unbearable. I thought things couldn’t get any worse.

I was wrong.

On Tuesday night, at midnight, it rained. That rain came inside, big time. The roof of my house, which was replaced a little over a year ago, failed, and water came straight through the middle of the house, causing a lot of damage as well as upsetting the kids, who had to make the move to my mum’s house at 1:30 in the morning. They’re still there as the house is too wet for them to be in it for long.

Needless to say, I didn’t work out on Wednesday. I cleared a lot of water, and spoke to lawyers. However, I did get back to it Thursday, and again today. My time is pressed right now; a multitude of letters to write, calls to make, cleaning to do. However, Shaun T. week over on Beachbody had been so much fun, and so intense, that I decided to tackle one of those workouts. It’s only a half hour of my life, and I deserve half an hour to myself, surely.

Working out makes me feel good. It lifts my mood, and while my limbs might feel weak and wobbly afterwards, mentally, I feel much stronger. Even a 20 minute walk can help; just move, get up and make your body do something. A friend of mine, and a very talented writer, recently wrote his own blog post about how gardening and being in nature can help tackle all sorts of mental health difficulties such as anxiety or depression. He’s right. Obviously it’s not a cure-all, and neither is exercise, but trust me when I say, it definitely helps.

Right at the end of my workout today, when I’m dripping in sweat and willing for the end of the world to come, Shaun T tells me I’m going to plank, and bring my knee up and across. That’s when he said the words above, and that’s when I had a little cry to myself. “If you can hold your body up, you can hold your life up.”

I can, and I will.