Well, it’s 33 days to be exact, but the fundraising starts now! For my first ever race, I have decided to raise money for The Jessie May Trust. It’s a charity that you might not have heard of if you don’t live in Bristol of the surrounding area, but they provide support to children with life-limiting conditions, and their families. This support can come in the form of respite care, or just being there for families to talk to. It’s exceptionally hard to raise a child with a life-limiting condition, and Jessie May are an enormous help to parents, siblings, and wider family, too. I certainly know how much help they were to my family and my niece, Naomi, during her lifetime. As a way of saying thank you for all they did, I’d like to raise as much money as possible by running the Christmas Cracker for them.

If you feel able to give, please follow this link, which will take you to my Just Giving page. If you’re not able to make a monetary donation that’s fine, but please share my page to raise awareness of what I’m doing.


As for training…it’s going well. I have switched workout programs to a more varied regime that is slightly less high-impact, meaning I can workout early in the morning, refuel with some porridge, and then go for a run every other day. On the days I don’t run, I do cardio. On run days, my workouts tend to be more weight or resistance based.

Yesterday, I accidentally ran 9.41km, the furthest I’ve gone so far. I was planning on 8km, but I didn’t hear the little lady who lives in my phone and tells me how far I’ve run, so I just kept going, and then she told me I’d done 9km. Naturally, I immediately headed for home at that point.

Last week, we ran 6.5km along the beach. Going one way, it was beautiful. The sun was shining, the tide was in, and as I ran I could only think about how lucky I was to live in such an amazing place. Then we turned around, into a brutal, cold, strong head wind. My eyes were streaming, every step felt like a battle, and I wanted to give up several times. Of course, the Christmas Cracker is half on the beach, so I’m revising my somewhat optimistic wish to run it in less than an hour, and I’m now giving myself an hour and ten. Not much point in running it if I don’t take the time to enjoy it, is there?