Last weekend, it was my Mum’s birthday. Not just any old birthday, either. It was a rather special milestone.

70, in fact, which is pretty hard to believe when I look at her, still running around after my kids and sometimes behaving as if she were their age instead.

I am incredibly grateful for my Mum. I have seen too many people I love, lose their parents in recent years, and so I am grateful that she enjoys good health, grateful that we have a good relationship and grateful that she loves my children so completely. Mum has done a lot for me over the years; from turning a blind eye when I used to roll home in the early hours (or just not come home at all!), to driving through heavy snow to sit with me while my daughter went through major spinal surgery.


It’s a safe bet that I will never be able to repay her, but I hope that by being half as good a mum as she is, I have at least, made her proud. I also hope that the gift of three grandchildren is a blessing and not a curse; certainly they love and adore her just as much as I do.

For her birthday, they decided to give their Grandma a book, celebrating just how great she actually is. Ordered online from I Am The Greatest (iamthegreatestgift), we chose to list mum among the “50 Greatest Grannies,” which contains many noble and worthwhile entries, including Hilary Clinton, Dame Judi Dench, The Queen….and my Mum.


With my help, the children could upload photos, change the text, add quotes and then hit print. That was it! Simple, quick and easy, and the end result was a quality hardback book which is not only a unique and personalised gift, but also a really great read.


There are loads of other titles available too; in fact, I included my dad in “50 Greatest Rock Musicians” for Christmas. He’s now taking that as definitive proof. Other titles include 50 Greatest Yummy Mummies, 50 Greatest Chefs, 50 Greatest Footballers…the list is long so it’s best to take a look for yourself. 

With Valentines right around the corner you could add your special someone to “50 Greatest Lovers,” and if you use IATG10 code at checkout, you’ll get 10% off. (We won’t tell a soul.)

p.s- As if you needed another reason to order; 100% of profits from I Am The Greatest go to charity.