They will insist on coming around, won’t they?

In many ways I don’t actually mind Mondays. After all, I love my job, so it’s not as though I wake up dreading a return to work. The house is quiet, with small people at school and the other half at work, so I am alone with my laptop and my thoughts, and yet… ugh.

Mondays suck.

Perhaps it’s the return to routine. The ‘having to do’ rather than the ‘feel like doing’. We have to get up and get out by 8:30 or else everyone will be late. For reasons unknown, Tuesday through Friday we manage this perfectly okay, and yet Monday is always a struggle.

Tuesday through Friday. I spend too long writing for Americans.

Anyway. As some of you will know, I recently had my appendix out. Prior to this, I had been in a really great place. I was eating healthily, working out, feeling great. (Check out FloJo Fit Vegan Coach on FB- you don’t have to be vegan for her to motivate you!) I had also learned the power of NO. I mean, I use that word on an almost hourly basis with my kids, but I was saying no to work and not feeling as though I had to prove something to anyone except myself. As a result, I was finding a decent work/life balance and things were going great.

Then my stupid, unwanted and unneeded appendix decided it wanted to be removed, meaning I couldn’t exercise for two weeks at least. Not only could I not work out, I could barely move. I don’t take kindly to being incapacitated, and I am not a good patient. I resumed cooking dinner, doing laundry etc the day I came home from hospital but it damn well hurt.

Today is really the first day that I’ve felt back to myself again…and it’s Monday. Things started badly, as all Mondays do. Rushing around, a crisis with the eldest, tearing out the door at 8:33…you know the sort of thing. I was in no way ready to face the day. After school drop off, instead of coming home and starting work, I took time out to go for coffee with a friend.

We talked about or children’s funny little ways. We discussed theatre, books, film, TV and writing. We put the world to rights and then I came home feeling much calmer and happier. Then I worked out.

I won’t pretend it was exactly easy to get back into it after two weeks off. I couldn’t use weights and I had to leave out some of the more strenuous activities, but it did lift my mood.

There’s a lot to be said for a little bit of indulgence to get your working week off to a good start. The result of spending time with my friend is that my mood lifted considerably. The result of working out for just half an hour is that I feel good about myself (my stitches are also oozing, but we’ll ignore that). All in all, I feel ready to take on whatever the world wants to throw my way.

Time to tackle the emails, while I’m still in the mood….