I’m back! In fact, I never went away, but I have been neglecting this page for so long that I feel terrible about it. Let me explain where I’ve been, and what I’ve been doing.

Way back in June, I went to New York. On my way there, I got the news that I had landed a job writing for Screen Rant. For those who don’t know, Screen Rant is one of the biggest independent film and TV websites out there. It covers all the comic book movies/ TV shows, as well as a whole lot more.

I started writing for them as soon as I returned, which has meant that my time at 4YE, while not over, has been dramatically reduced. I will still be writing and editing for them but it’s not as much as I was doing. Don’t fret though, because my Strictly and Downton recaps will still be a thing.

I am also still writing and reviewing for both Daily Actor and UKTW. Both sites are very dear to my heart and working for them is something that I very much enjoy.

Screen Rant is tough. It’s competitive, hard work and so far out of my comfort zone I can see space, but I don’t regret it for one minute. My writing has improved greatly, as has my understanding of what draws a reader, what compels people to share your work and how to express your opinions through your writing without hysterically fangirling. I’ve made new friends, pushed myself beyond what I thought were my limits and above all, I’ve opened myself up to new experiences.

I have watched comic book movies. I’ve caught up on Doctor Who. I’ve watched a trailer for Deadpool and have actually been excited by it. I can name nearly everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if I try reeeally hard, I can tell you how they all connect with one another. Okay, so I still prefer musicals, but I love to learn about new things, and this journey that I’m on now is awesome.

I have also started writing occasionally for Scary Mommy @Club Mid. Some of my posts on there are under a pseudonym (no, I’m not telling, you’ll have to try and work it out!), but my first post for them under my real name went up the other day. Some of you will know about my daughter’s condition, some won’t, but I wrote about it here.

So work wise, things have been heavy. Then came the summer, when I had three children and no childcare. It wasn’t easy to keep up the pace I’d set for myself but we struggled through, and I even snuck some work in while we were in France, just to keep my hand in. Hard work reaps its own rewards; I passed my trial period and am now a fully fledged (paid) member of staff. The sense of pride I feel when that pay check arrives each month is something I don’t think I’ll tire of in a hurry!

After a summer of too much wine and good food, I also decided to add to my workload by getting back in shape. Reconnecting with my uni housemate, Jo, has been wonderful. Jo now lives in beautiful Canada and is the most fantastic lifestyle coach I’ve come across. Through her, I’ve been following the 21 Day Fix and working out each and every day, with no excuses. I’ve really been enjoying myself and I feel so much better! I’m eating healthily but still eating a lot, which is great because food is my everything. I’ve lost weight, sure, but the biggest difference is in how I feel. Happy, healthy and full of energy, and that’s a great way to be when you’re trying to pack as much into your day as possible. Not only that, but I can see my abs, people! I can see them! I haven’t seen my abs since… well, sometime in early 2004, maybe. If you’re thinking of changing your eating habits and lifestyle, check out Jo’s Facebook page here, and no, she hasn’t paid me for this, I just needed to tell everyone what a great, motivational support she’s been!

So I might not be around to update everything as often as I like, but at least the reason is that I’m too busy working, writing and working out, rather than being lazy! Until next time!