Running a blog for your business is one of  the most effective marketing tools there is. Done right, a blog can increase your sales, drive traffic to your website and give your company a personality.

Unfortunately, not may small business owners have the time to dedicate to this task, or the ideas needed to create quality posts. That’s why it can be a good idea to hire someone to run your blog for you. It takes the pressure off because you know that your website is delivering fresh content, engaging with users and growing your customer base, while you carry on with the day-to-day running of your company.

Here are some reasons you should consider hosting a blog on your site:

To interact

Blogs are usually more informal and relaxed than the website itself. A blog gives customers a chance to see the personable side to a company; whether it’s a home craft site writing about a great craft idea they’ve found on Pinterest, or a health and beauty site discussing this coming winter fashions. Post your blog articles to Facebook and encourage interaction.

To share and promote content

A blog gives you the chance to demonstrate your company’s expertise and to offer tips and advice, which in turn will establish your website’s authority in its area. For example, a hairdressing site might blog about how best to care for coloured hair, or a car mechanics site might write a piece with tips on how to care for your car upholstery.

To optimise for search engines and create buzz

Search engines like fresh content. A blog gives you the opportunity to update frequently (weekly or fortnightly works best).  In turn, this will create a network as more people start following your blog, site, or Facebook page so they don’t miss out on the latest posts.

While there are no hard and fast rules concerning what format your blog should take, there are a few points worth bearing in mind.

  • Keep posts short, around 400-600 words works best
  • Use keywords. Find out what search terms customers use to find your website and try and include them in your post.
  • Write for your customers- not yourself! Aim to either solve a problem for customers through your post, or give a new, fresh insight into the industry.
  • Interact. If someone leaves a comment, reply. Keep your posts friendly, warm and polite.
  • Make your blog easy to share. Readers love to pass interesting pieces on. Use as many share icons as are applicable to your site and encourage people to share with their friends.

Take a look at these two blog posts I have recently written. This first one is for a travel website. Notice how the piece is kept bright and interesting with great images and short paragraphs. Links within the piece link back to previous articles on the site itself, as well as outside sources that could prove useful to customers.

This second one is for an entrepreneurial website. The customer gave me the title, I wrote the piece and he uploaded it to his site. There was no stress for him, all he had to do was think of a subject he wanted me to write about. Hiring a blog writer will cost around £25 for one post per week. A small price to pay for all you and your company can gain.