Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

In today’s news that will surprise literally no one, the Twin Peaks return will be “fantastic.” That’s according to its main star, Kyle MacLachlan, at least.

Of course, fans of the show are well aware that we can fully expect these new episodes to be the best of the best. After all, David Lynch and Mark Frost have written the scripts, the majority of the original cast are returning and Lynch has been notoriously protective of the entire thing. Let’s face it, someone of Lynch’s calibre would not ever allow anything less than his very best work to be made, and Twin Peaks is and always has been very close to his heart.

It’s also a personal favourite of MacLachlan’s, who will reprise his role as Special Agent Dale Cooper when Twin Peaks returns next year, but he admitted to Deadline that while he had long hoped the show would return, he was as surprised as the next person to hear of a comeback.

“I’d always harbored, I guess, a fantasy that I might be able to revisit the character in some way–Dale Cooper. I so enjoyed him and he was such an interesting mix of…he’s just a complex person. I didn’t know what form that would take. I said ‘I hope it happens,’ but there was no real campaign on my part to try and get David to do anything. But David and I are friends, so we would sometimes get together and have a cup of coffee and we’d reminisce and talk about stuff. I’d always say, ‘you ever think about it?’ Nothing much would come of it.

“So I was completely surprised when David said, ‘it looks like we’re going to return,’ and I was very excited for two reasons really. One is the character of Dale Cooper, which is a lot of fun and the world of Twin Peaks. Secondly, the chance to work with David again because we haven’t worked together as actor/director for 25 years roughly. So it’s been a while. I missed that relationship very much.”

MacLachlan went on to add that Twin Peaks will start filming in September or October, but he refused to give any script details away, merely saying that he had read a couple and adding: I can certainly say without hesitation, it’s going to be amazing.”

It seems as though that gum we like really is going to come back into style.